The Book Review Team

Please find detailed below book reviews from some of our pupils about a selection of new books we have this school year.
Thanks to our fantastic PTA, we have purchased a range of brand new recommended books.  A review team of volunteers from across the school have been busy reading and reviewing the books. Read their reviews below and you can enjoy the books for yourself on the PTA book stand in the school hall. Happy reading!

Book Review by Jack in Year 2

My favourite page was the outer space page. I liked it because of the ship, it has launchers. The space robot looks cool too. I like the page on Micro-scale space buildings because of the clips. I do like the big carrot on the space page. There are lots of pictures. I think everyone would like to read this book.

I’d give it 5 stars because there are a lot of builds. I couldn’t make all the things because I didn’t have all the pieces. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

Book Review by Amelia in Year 3


It is a lovely book. It has lots of pages and the flaps are very good. On the computer page there is a flap CD inside, it is rainbow pattern. I enjoyed the book, It made me happy.

Book Review by Elena in Year 6


Ethel is a 36 year old woman working as a ladies maid then one morning she meets Ernest, a milkman, who asks Ethel if she would like to go to the cinema together. After the movie they immediately fall in love. After a few years together, they get married.

My favourite part was when their child sends them a letter (with all spelling mistakes) after he was evacuated.

Book Review by Zaynah in Year 2
This story is written like a diary telling us about Dougal's holiday adventure. It has very colourful pictures and a fun story. My favourite bit is when Dougal reaches Atlantic, the underwater kingdom. I think everybody will enjoy this book.

A book review by Phoebe in Year 5


Danger is everywhere is a very funny book with lots of advice to check whether your teacher is a vampire or your granny a robot or your post-box an octopus. Find out how to spot one in this great book by David O’Doherty and illustrated by Chris Judge.

Listening to tales with less dangerous endings of some well know stories. Can you get your DETBAFOD without needing to use the TEPOC? You will find out what I mean on page 14-27. The point of this book is to let you know danger is everywhere, so is the second book in the series ‘Danger is Still Everywhere’.  

Book Review by Mairi in Year 3
This book has loads of silly facts and jokes and some are horrible. It has good jokes but very hard words so you might need to be a good reader. You also need to know a lot of history. It's got amazing and interesting facts.

Book review by Rose in Year 6



A brand new book has just hit the shelves and it’s titled Fuzzy Mud! This creepy story will have you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end!

It starts with a young girl named Tamaya and her friend Marshall. They walk to school and back every day. They NEVER go into the woods and ALWAYS stay away from the school bully Chad (who loves giving Marshall a hard time!)

One day they end up in the dark, scary woods and then FUZZY MUD enters the story and it all gets much, much scarier!

I loved this book and I would say that anyone from Year 5/6 and upwards would love it too! 

Book Review by Joshua in Year 5
This book is a book which is created by the Science Museum. It is written in sections about the things you are reading about (e.g. mathematics). Though the book isn't very good as a library book, luckily it has a 'how it works' section at the bottom. The best part is the puzzle of farmer John, the fox, the chicken and the corn. I loved it!
Book Review by Lauren in Reception
Spinderella is a spider who doesn't know her numbers or how to count. She loves to eat flies but doesn't know how many she caught. She really loves football but doesn't know how to make even teams or keep score. One day Sprinderella's hairy godmother taught her how to count from 1 to 20 and make even numbered football teams. When Spinderella returned to her web and spider friends, she was able to create two even numbered football teams and keep track of the score. Did Spinderella's team win? You'll have to read the book to find out!
This is a very good book that will be enjoyed by children in reception as well as KS1 and 2. It is funny, teaches about counting and has brilliant pictures! I recommend reading it even if you are scared of spiders.
Book Review by Isobel in Year 6
If is a great book, it puts hard things to imagine into simple things. One example is that if all the food produced in the world was represented by a loaf of bread with 25 slices: 11 slices of bread would come from Asia, 5 from South and Central America, 4 from Europe, 2 3/4 from North America, 2 from Africa and 1/4 from Oceania.
And that's also my favourite part of the book. I find it a suitable book for year 2 to year 6, the illustrations were brilliant. It doesn't have any awards. The book talks about the past, the universe and other facts. There is a note for parents and teachers at the back of the book. I didn't read it because it's for parents and teachers. I hope you read this book yourself.
Book review by Chloe in Year 3
Title: Amazing Animal Journeys
Author: Chris Packham
Suitable readers: Everyone and especially people who like animals and wildlife.
This book is a non-fiction book. It is about animals and wildlife from around the world and their remarkable journeys and migrations they take.
My favourite parts of the book were learning about the sea creatures and the red deer.
A review by Callum in Year 3
I found this book exciting and funny. Football fans will love this book especially Leicester fans. It shows a lovely friendship. It shows fox mums can be bossy too.
A review by Ricardo in Year 6
The Midnight Gang is one of the best books I have read ever. This book has lots of pages to read but it's worth it. This book is about making dreams come true. I like this book because it has lots of imagination and lots of descriptive words. I would recommend this book to you because you'll love it and there's a great adventure in the book.
Book Review by Kayden in Year 2
My favourite part of the book was the very good illustrated pictures of maps from around the world. Each map gives important and useful information about each country.
1. The buildings and terrain and where they are in the country.
2. The people and their national dress.
3. How many people live there.
4. The size of each country.
5. Languages that are spoken, a lot of countries speak more than one.
6. The name of the capital city and where it is.
7. The food they eat and different kinds of dishes made there.
8. Pictures and names of birds, animals and fish that live there.
9. The flag of the country.
10. The food they grow.
11. National traditions.
12. Famous people that lived there through the ages.
13. It shows different things to do and see.
14. Shows the plants that grow there.
This book is very useful and is a nice book. The only thing wrong with the book is it is big and quite heavy.