Earth Day

27th April 2022

Earth Day 2022

The 22nd of April is Earth Day. This year, the theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet’. Today, the children learnt about some of the changes that are needed to ensure a secure future for our planet and what has already been achieved in recent years by governments, businesses and individuals (including children!) working together. The children have made individual pledges for the changes they can make now to invest in the future.

Many thanks to Eco Council for their help in preparing for the day!

BPS Sunflower Growing Competition

Every child in the school has planted two sunflower seeds in a biodegradable pot to grow at home. Please water the soil at home until it is damp. The weaker shoot can be removed or replanted in 2-3 weeks time and the sunflower can planted outdoors in a sunny position in May/June. Who can grow the tallest sunflower? Who will grow an unusual sunflower? Measure the height of your sunflower on the weekend of the 16/17th July and record your measurement on the form below for the chance to win some gardening prizes, generously donated by the PTA!

Local Environmentally-Friendly Initiatives

Bring a Library of Things to Cambridge -

Check out local sustainable projects under ‘What We Do’ on the ‘Transition Cambridge’ website.