Curriculum Aims and Statement

Bottisham Community Primary School
Our Curriculum Aims:
At Bottisham Community Primary School, we strive to ensure children:
1. Become effective learners
We aim to help them to become curious, resilient, think for themselves, work with others and show persistence in their learning.
2. Attain the skills, knowledge and understanding which provide the essential preparation for the next stage in their school life
We aim to ensure that children have a love of reading and learning, have attained a high level across all areas of the curriculum and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.
3. Foster a positive and caring attitude towards others
We aim to develop an environment where children will experience a sense of rights and responsibilities and involvement in decision making. They will experience how the school is part of its local community and develop a sense of national and global perspective.
4. Feel secure and live a healthy and safe life
We aim to support children to make good choices about physical health and diet and understand how to face the risks and challenges which will arise as a normal part of living.