Anti-Bullying Week

15th November 2016
This year we kick-started Anti-Bullying Week with a visit from the PlayRight Theatre Company who performed their anti-bullying pantomime, 'Robin Hood', to all the classes in KS2.
Throughout the week classes across the school have been exploring the anti-bullying message and looking at this year's theme 'Power for Good'. They have been discussing how they can use their 'Power for Good' to stand up for themselves and each other to stop bullying happening.
In Y5/6, they have been exploring their thoughts and feelings about bullying through poetry. Below are a selection of poems written by Maple Class and Willow Class in response to their class discussions and workshops.

Anti-bullying by Ellie

All children deserve to be happy,

No-one should be treated badly,

Too many suffer from bullying,

In lots of countries this happens.


But now we need to put a stop to it,

Using people is not good,

Lying and hurting people is horrible,

Look out for everyone,

You should always be kind and caring,

I will always try to look out for others,

No-one should be bullied,

Getting bullied is completely wrong!


Bullying by George

Bullies are mean,

Bullies are cruel,

There’s no place for bullies

In our school


We take care of our friends,

And look after each other

If a bully comes along

We should tell our mother


If you see a friend upset,

Or someone being unkind,

Tell a teacher, tell the bully to stop,

And tell them to think with their mind.


Bullying by Leo

Bullying is very immature

Use sensible decisions when it comes to bullying

Learn to be friendly

Learn to be kind

You can get into trouble

It’s best to tell the teacher if you’re aware of bullying

Never be unfriendly

Greet people kindly.


Never Keep it in By William

Speak out and you’ll bet the stronger person,

People don’t look at themselves,

Everyone is different,

Always believe in yourself,

Know your strengths,

Open the mind of bullies to see that to be…

Unique is to be…

True, strong and bold.


Smile, that’s the right style by Jack

Be polite and kind

And always keep it in mind

To listen to other people.


Think before you speak,

Be careful, be careful,

Be helpful but never be boastful.


Don’t snap branches off trees,

And don’t use them to slap knees.

Look after the environment.


Try your best.

Don’t be a nasty pest.


Smile. That’s the right style.


Bullying by Jack

Be a buddy, not a bully

Use your time to do something other than bullying

Like me, don’t pick on me,

Like me, don’t pick on me,

You can be better.


Bully by Reuben

Be kind

Unkind things are not nice

Listen to others

Look after each other

You are not a bully.


Bullying by Elena

Bullying makes the world sad,

The bully who bullies you breaks the biggest rule,

The rule of kindness and respect.

Stop and think and reflect,

If this was to happen to you what would you do?

Would you keep it quiet and suffer in silence

Or tell a grown up what you are going through.

Choose wisely, there’s no going back,

I’m quite sure of that.


Tell everyone what they have done! By Emma

They told me stupid,

They told me wrong,

They called me loser.


I feel alone, small and weak,

I’m scared, I don’t want to speak,

I’s scared, I don’t want to go out,

I’m scared, there is no doubt.


Wait! You’ve done no wrong,

Show you are strong,

Stand up for your rights,

And start to fight,

Tell everyone what they have done!


It’s easily done by Isabelle

Are you a bully?

A bully, a mean girl, a horrid boy.

Constantly picking on boys and girls,

Kicking them, pulling their curls.

Maybe because they’re younger, weaker, more simple

Or just don’t have it all.


A bully might not be planned,

You start as a friend, you’re so glad

But then they are vulnerable when you hit them with a comment,

This changes the assortment.


From a simple fight to a hard game,

You’re whispering behind their back saying they’re lame,

Then they catch you murmuring their name

Of course you pass the blame.


You beat them everyday,

You sneer at them, say they can’t play,

Then they seem to turn grey.

You hit them fully.

Now are you a bully?



The freedom to think back by Erin

We stopped bullying years ago

In our school I mean

I saw loads of people hanging their heads low

Because they had been bullied.


I was one of them

Being scared helplessly

The main culprit was Babrus Lem

Bullying carelessly the smaller pupils


I remember lying there

Like an old piece of rubbish

Till someone pulled my hair

I was in such pain, I didn’t notice.


But bullying had stopped now

And I am really quite glad

That they’re changed now… I mean the crowd

Who used to given Barbrus Lem all her glory and power.


Difference by Isobel

Difference, intelligence, social groups, looks

These are all the bullies potential hooks

Maybe all they want is power

To make other people cower

But the things they don’t think about are feelings and effects

They don’t think about what upsets

Sometimes the threats run deep

And the victim becomes a big emotional heap

So I say STOP the hate

And make the world great.


Bullies think again

Bullying is not OK

No matter what your age,

Always stop before you say,

Bullies, think again...


If you see someone who needs help,

Do not laugh and smirk,

Don't leave them to scream and yelp,

Bullies think again...


Don't call people by a rude name,

And stop bullying now.

Because bullying is really bad,

Bullies, think again...


By Rose Sparrow



Bullying is not tolerated,

Bullying is not cool,

If you bully day in, day out,

Then you're a really big fool.

Stand up to bullies,

Don't let them get under your skin,

Because if they do then they will win.

tell someone what's going on

And put a stop to it.

Then when you walk into the playground

Feeling happy at last,

You can remember what happened,

And then have a big laugh.

It's good to tell someone,

No matter what condition you're in.

Cyber, verbal or physical bullying,

They can all stop now.


By Hamish Jennings