Anglian Learning

In July 2017, the Governing Body of Bottisham Community Primary School proposed to join Anglian Learning to form a primary school hub, and for the school to convert to academy status.


The Academies Act 2010 requires the Governing Body of a Local Authority maintained school to carry out a formal consultation on this proposal.


The academy consultation ran from Tuesday, September 12th until Friday, October 6th  2017, a period of four academic weeks. A summary of the consultation plan identifying the different stakeholders, how those stakeholders were consulted and what information was to be provided, is available below.


The consultation with the key stakeholders of the school was comprehensive with the outcome indicating that there is no significant objection to the proposal among any stakeholder group.


Therefore, the Governing Body of Bottisham Community Primary School are advised that the consultation has not demonstrated any significant objection that should cause them to reconsider the proposal for the schools to become an academy and join Anglian Learning.


Further information about Anglian Learning Trust can be found on their website following the link below: