Dear Parents/Guardian


During Parents Evening many parents asked for the link so they can check if books from home/library are on the Accelerated Reader catalogue.


More info:

In KS2, we subscribe to a website called Accelerated Reader (AR) to help monitor reading. AR has a catalogue of books, which correspond to a short quiz. Pupils are encouraged to have an AR book on the go and complete the quiz when they have finished the book. In school, we have a bookshelf dedicated to AR books, however, many children are keen to read books from home or the library. The ATOS Book Level corresponds to the reading range each child has been given (usually recorded in the back of their Home School Journal). We want children to be enthusiastic about their reading, so if a book from home/library is just out of their reading range we would be keen for them to have a go. If your not sure if a book is appropriate, please contact your child's teacher, who will be glad to help.


Unfortunately, children are unable to log in from home to take quizzes, as the website is accessed via a desktop shortcut, which contains a customized URL that contains a unique alphanumeric code for each school. Hence why Google can't find our school AR website.



Mr Legge

If you are looking for some inspiration for books you child will love then follow this link to The Book Trust's Bookfinder page which is an easy way for you to find the perfect book for you and your child! 
Please find below details of our book lists for Reception through to Year 6 along with Spellings lists for Year 1 through to Year 6.
Please see below guidance on Reading and Phonics which includes links to Phonics websites.
Below our booklet about Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.
Click on the link below to view the end of year reading objectives Y1-6.
Click on the link below to view the end of year writing objectives Y1-6.