‘A drug is any substance which affects how a person thinks feels or behaves.’

Our aim is to provide all our young people with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable them to make positive and healthy choices in their lives when confronted by opportunities that pose genuine risk for them. 

We accept, as with all aspects of the development of the child, that the early years are vitally important in building the foundations for future experience and behaviour. Therefore, all our schools are partners in this shared initiative. 

Education for personal development begins in the home before the child enters school.

More formal education starts with the first years of schooling and continues through until our students leave us at 16. During this time most of our young people will take advantage of numerous opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes, both through organised activities within their communities and through their relationships and interactions with adults and their peers. 

Our aim is that all our young people should refuse to experiment with illegal drugs or misuse alcohol, solvents or other drugs. But, if they do, we wish to equip them with the capacity to manage the situation to ensure their personal safety and to know where help and advice can be found if needed.

The policy in full is available below: